We believe a commitment to the process by both the player and coach is essential to developing an elite player. Our program schedule and training intensity remain the same year round to provide consistency and routine, which is one way we practice this philosophy.


Dedicated to the intense training of junior and professional tennis players, and understanding required to motivate and develop players of different styles, levels and personalities.

Wayne’s World Tennis

About us

Wayne’s World Tennis

Wayne’s World Tennis was founded in 2012, a place where players can come to train and learn!  Wayne has coached some amazing players over the past 40 years, from professionals to national junior champions, to 4-year-olds!

Wayne has a love for the game of tennis, at Wayne’s World Tennis we are looking for young tennis players who have a desire to take their games to the next level!

We believe in repetition, the more balls you hit the more consistent you will become, we believe in sportsmanship, we believe in hard work pays off!!!!


Private Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons, we are looking for kids that can train during the day or if you are in school, we can train on the weekends if you aren’t playing tournaments.

If you are from out of town, we will offer weekend Stay and Train packages starting January 1st, 2024!


We believe every player is different and individualized training is required. The coaching team develops a course of training for each player based on their unique skills and goals.

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